Mission Statement

I was all set to talk about apathy. I had a draft. Then I published my last post, and got so freaked out that I ended up writing over 10,000 words (not in one day!) of the current work in progress.

That’s great, of course–those 10,000 words were almost welcome enough to merit their own 10,000 little party hats. But now the draft is done, and I’m down a blog post.

Fortunately, since I spent my last post talking about spiders, I owe this blog a mission statement.

It’s short: I hope this blog will be fun for me. I hope it will be useful for anyone who stumbles across it. (And fun, too. Fun is important.)

I think I’m going to try to post something twice a week, but it may only be once. I’m still figuring out exactly what schedule is likely to work best for me, so we’ll see what happens.

That’s not enough for a blog post, so here’s a random doodle-comic from a very long time ago. (I’ve forgotten a lot of my Japanese, and probably most of my Spanish. Please do not test me!)

Daily Japanese Comic (from 85)

It seems relevant, sort of. And it is kind of how it feels to learn a language. You start off so excited to be able to speak *another language,* but it’s a while before you have enough vocab to talk about anything fun.

P.S. I would apologize for the…¬†um, simple… doodliness of the doodle-comic, but hey. You might as well know what you’re getting into.

P.P.S. If you really have to know what the comic says:

Face: Good morning.

Bug: Good morning.

<Long pause>

Face: We need more words.

Bug: (more or less) Yes we do.

That was a lot less entertaining than you imagined, wasn’t it? You should see the comic that’s basically me trying to learn Japanese numbers. That one’s hilarious.