The earliest of the procrastinators… sort of.

Earliest of Procrastinators

The dark Galadriel of procrastination, as it were. One Ring to bind all the presents that I want to buy? Anyway.

This hastily-drawn picture is brought to you by a different kind of procrastination: blogging procrastination.

Seriously, though, I need to get some shopping done. Just not today, because it’s raining and I’m coughing a little, so you know.

Good luck to anyone who has to go outside today! Stay warm and dry and safe. Also, as cheesy as it feels to say this: thank you to everyone who liked last week’s post. And that’s pretty much all I can say about that, without starting to babble. That, and this: in case you’re curious, The Chapter persists. So does the anxiety–not always in the same degree, or attached to The Chapter, but in a general sense, it hasn’t evaporated. I’m working on it. And I’m still having fun (even having fun with The Chapter!), and still getting excited about things. I hope everyone reading this is managing that, too, in this sometimes stressful season. Strength and courage and joy to you all! In the parking lots, in the crowded store aisles…

Ok, I’m going to go now, before this post turns into some kind of epic about last-minute shopping.