Lasagna to Spaghetti: My Descent into Cooking

Ok, so obviously I’ve missed the last couple of weeks, blogging-wise, and I’m going to talk about that at the end of this post. But first: some cooking adventures.

As you may have deduced, I don’t really cook. I’ve toyed with the idea before, and I even know how to make some stuff, but until now, I’ve been hampered by a mixture of laziness and the fact that handling raw meat/fish/poultry kind of freaks me out. Recently, though, I got it into my head that I would like to make lasagna, so it was off to… Google, to find a recipe.

I think I searched something like “easy lasagna”–you know, being realistic about my skill level. That turned up this recipe. I also decided to make my own tomato sauce (recipe from Food Network–I added and changed some stuff, but it’s probably fine as is). And in no time at all, I was making classic mistakes like deciding to cut the recipe in half, but neglecting to measure the pan, so that my proportions were doomed to be way off.


Still looks pretty, though.

The next thing I forgot to do was add the middle layer of noodles. And when the lasagna came out of the oven, it was watery enough that I quickly labeled it as being more like glorified tomato sauce. I even made some spaghetti noodles, expecting to have to add more pasta to fix the ratio. But what I failed to account for was that lasagna firms up in the fridge, so the spaghetti proved unnecessary–the lasagna was fine. Good, actually.

That having been said, making the spaghetti noodles was so much easier that I decided to head straight for that next time. And something strange happened. As I boiled the noodles and tended the ground turkey for the sauce (cooking two things at once, for the *challenge*), I found myself  kind of enjoying it. There was something satisfying about going from stirring the noodles to checking on the turkey and back again. And there was definitely something splendid about not having to worry about what I ate for several meals afterwards.

Less satisfying: doing that chef thing where you add roughly “that much looks right” of an ingredient to a dish. I know my mom does that, but for some reason I find it vaguely horrifying when I catch myself doing the same thing. I’m not sure exactly why. Recipes are there for a reason, maybe? I may have promised myself that I would *never, ever* guesstimate like that? Or maybe it’s just because it’s something that “people who know how to cook” do, and I don’t see myself as belonging to that group. Maybe someday, though. And that’s probably a good thing.

Overall verdict on both spaghetti and lasagna: easy enough, at least with the recipes I used. Between the two of them, though, I’d definitely go for spaghetti first, and more often–it’s less trouble, and less cheesy, which works for me.

Overall verdict on actually cooking homemade meals: it’s kind of worth it. Gasp.

Overall verdict on whether this could continue to be a thing: Maybe? I’m at least less scared of raw things now. And as far as laziness vs. love of food goes… it’s a toss up. On the other hand, the more I blog about this, the more I could go for some spaghetti. I may have missed lunch.

Anyway, now that I’ve talked about the cooking: the blog situation. Long story short: I think I’d like to take a break. Sort of a summer vacation. I may drop in sometimes, but I’m not going to guarantee it, and it may not always be on Mondays. The weekly schedule has been good for me, for the most part, but right now I could use some time to rest, refresh my brain, and whatnot. There are still some posts I’d like to do, though, so hopefully I’ll be back for those.

In the meantime: have a splendid summer! And thank you, as ever, for reading along. Hopefully I’ll see you back here in the fall. Or sooner, since my brain, like a cat, is sometimes a bit unpredictable about what it wants to do. But either way: a happy Monday to you all, and… um… here’s this picture of spaghetti.

Mmmm, spaghetti.

That’s right: just the noodles. What? I don’t think I took any pictures of the actual dish. I just ate it.

And with that, I’m off to get lunch!

Writing Day

I’ll try to get a post up sometime this week, possibly, but for now I have some time to write, and I am using it. I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday, though, and that you have a wonderful week!

Post Tomorrow!

I’m taking today off, recovering from a busy week, but I’m planning to post something tomorrow. I can’t promise that it will be a big, in-depth post, but there will be pictures. Probably. Assuming I like them, once I’ve gotten them off my camera.

Anyhow, I hope you’re all having a good Monday! Thank you for stopping by, and… zzzzz… sorry, recovering is a very sleepy task.

Taking a break today.

Pretty much what the title says. I might take the whole week off–not sure yet. I’m fine; I’m just having one of those hyper-critical, happy-with-nothing-I-write days, so I need to step away from the pressure of the blue “publish, publish right now” button. (Oh, wait, that’s not what that says? Oops.) I actually tried to do a post earlier–you might’ve seen it, if you were here in the middle of the afternoon–and, well, see above. So now that post is gone,¬†and you’re getting this instead.

Sidebar, for those of you who are really curious about this other post (cough, Future Emi): it was about homemade bookmarks. Only I more or less covered the basics of that project in my previous post about homemade bookmarks, except for the mention of tiny stamps. And I wasn’t satisfied with the artwork this time. I am planning to make more bookmarks, though, so this may not be the end of that topic.

As ever, thank you for stopping by this blog! I hope you’re all having a good Monday, that you had a lovely weekend, and that you have a wonderful week!


My hand got injured, so I’m taking it easy today. Hopefully it will be better soon, and I’ll be back to typing normally, but in the meantime… I don’t know. Here’s this picture of my stuffed cat, Duncan, reading a book.

Reading Scarlet

The book Duncan is reading, as you may have noticed, is Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer. Duncan has great taste in books. Because he’s a smallish cat, he’s using a “book chair,” which is also awesome. (Closest link here, if you’re curious–I’m not sure it’s the same company, since I got mine ages ago, but anyway.)

And with that bit of random silliness (about the cat, not the book–Scarlet really is a fun read/reread), happy Tuesday to you all! I hope life is treating you well!

Holiday Schedule

In which yours truly notes that she will not be blogging on federal holidays this year. (This doesn’t count. It’s just a quick note.) I am planning to have a proper post up tomorrow, though. Wednesday at the latest.

In the meantime, happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Anything I could say seems small, so I’m just going to say that I hope you’re all safe and dry and warm, and enjoying life and liberty. We may not live in a perfect world, but on days like this, it’s nice to remember the men and women who fought to make it that much better.

No post today. (Unless this counts.)

That face is supposed to look tired, not angry.

That face is supposed to look tired, not angry.

The holiday weekend kind of threw my night owl tendencies into overdrive (no work tomorrow! I can stay up as late as I want! Yaaay!). So yeah, this is me right now.

I may try to post something more substantial a little later this week, if I can get my brain in gear. But for now, as proof of my current sleep-deprived state, enjoy this attempt to draw the fancier version of my comic/doodle self.

And that's why you get the non-fancy version.

And that’s why you get the non-fancy version.

Happy Monday to everyone, just the same. And… I need more tea.

Panel Next Monday! (Hopefully.)

Close Up Panel 2See? I’m working on it! But I got kind of distracted by yesterday’s eclipse.

Obviously this panel is going to be about books? Reading? Crying? (Eep… well, maybe not that surprising. Books. Love them, love to cry over them.) Hopefully I’ll finish it, so you can see next week. Provided I actually, you know, stick with it instead of changing it out for something else.

In any event, next Monday! And maybe sometime during this week. We’ll see.

I’m back!

Reading Slump

This is what being (really) depressed is like for me, it turns out. Not wanting to read. I needed to take some time away from the online world, so I did. I hope I’m coming out of it now. I’m mostly enjoying reading again, anyway, so that’s good. Going to try for regular posts on Mondays at least, maybe once more during the week if I’m feeling up to it/enthusiastic about something.

In the meantime: I’m rereading the Harry Potter series. And I say “rereading” generously, because… just because. On an unrelated note, how’s the fifth book? Would you describe it as dark, adventurous, sad, or some other adjective? Just as a completely random question, because I totally know exactly what happens in that book. Totally.