Maybe it should be Makanry’s Musings? Except that isn’t really how I think of it. Makanry is an adjective in this case. Like “Writerly Thoughts.” Or maybe [person’s name]-isms. Thus, Makanry Musings.

So wow, I’m off to a great start.

Basics about me: I write fantasy stories. Mostly long ones. Hopefully someday I’ll write for a living. In the meantime, you can read one of my rare short stories here.

I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be posting on this blog, but along with my musings, there may be doodles or other things.

The doodles are obviously not meant to be high art. I may tidy them up a little, but sometimes you get the haphazard version from a notebook. Sometimes I try to draw a little more seriously; that stuff is (or will be, at some ambitious time) over on my Tumblr. I’m very much not an illustrator of any kind, but I do believe in the power of practice, and that even if I’m not going to be Michelangelo, I can improve the skills I have.

Oh yeah, and the two characters in my doodles are:

The Face: My creative but lazy sometimes less disciplined and more dramatic emotional side
The Bug: My conscience/editorial voice/task master/oddly, sometimes the voice that tells me not to be so hard on myself

You can guess which one of them let me get away with using some form of the word “bored” twice in one frame. ((Shrugs. Munches cupcake.))

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