Going to the Movies

I don’t see a lot of movies in theaters, so when I do, it often feels kind of special. Like today: I went to see a matinee (no, I’m not going to name the movie here, because I don’t feel like it), and it was like I was gearing up for some huge event. I avoided spoilers. I may or may not have bounced up and down a few times, talking to people about this movie I was so excited about seeing. When I got to the theater, I even let myself splurge on overpriced food.

As for the movie itself–it was fine. It was fun. But I think I had more fun being excited about it than I did actually watching the movie. And I don’t mean for that to be a sad thing, or a slam against the movie, because first off, like I said, it was a fun movie, and second, I really enjoyed being that excited about it. Which is maybe the point of today’s post, as much as there is one. I’m constantly reminding myself to have fun–to let myself relax a little bit, and enjoy things. Today I did that.

Now to maybe do that with writing. Well, I’ll keep working on it.

So anyway, I hope that your Monday has a bit of fun in it. Next week I’ll try to do a real, proper post. Maybe. I have an idea. Until then, have a wonderful week!