Mini-Trip to Sacramento and Davis

When I was in college, I used to take a lot of day trips. That was less exciting than it sounds; I remember checking out bookstores and libraries, and one bakery in particular stands out. Post-college, it got a little harder to manage that kind of thing. But today, albeit for less-than-fun reasons, I had to be in Sacramento rather early, which left me free around late morning/early lunchtime to have some unscheduled out-of-town fun.

Because I’ve changed a lot since college, the first thing I looked up was a bookstore. Because I really have changed since college, though, I was kind of too tired after the bookstore to mill around Sacramento anymore, so I hopped back onto the freeway. And because maybe I haven’t changed completely since college–or maybe I have, I’m not sure how impulsive I was back then–I decided not long afterwards that I could probably swing one or two more stops in Davis. Maybe. Yes, why not, ok then.

It ended up being very pleasant. Mostly because it felt good to go someplace new–to walk into a store and not know what I was going to find, and to look around at the neighborhood, getting a sense of a different place. And then on the way back, I got to roll my windows down and let the cool air billow into the car, as the clouds ate up more and more of the sky ahead of me. Maybe not what people picture when they think of California, but it was splendid and freeing and peaceful, and it spoke to that part of my mind where the wanderlust still apparently runs, ready for more adventures.

For those of you who really want to know where I went:

I definitely felt safer in Davis than in Sacramento–I’m not saying Sacramento is less safe than Davis, because I have no idea what the statistics are for that, but you know. Take the necessary precautions, so you can enjoy your trip. Also, unrelatedly, crepes are delicious.

And with that, it’s probably time to do some work. I hope your Monday is going well (or whatever day it is, if you’re reading this on another day), and that this last full week of January is treating you kindly.

ETA: Somehow this picture is showing up attached to this post in my reader, so if it’s going to be there, I’m going to explain it. With a caption!

Book (and bookmark!) from Time Tested Books, candy and mini notebook from Newsbeat.

Book (and bookmark!) from Time Tested Books, candy and mini notebook from Newsbeat.

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    • It’s not a bad town, from what I’ve seen of it. 🙂 The neighborhood I was in just felt kind of sketchy. Might have had something to do with the time of day. I remember feeling safer with the crowds and the energy of the Art Walk, although I don’t think I made it to any bookstores then.

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