Choosing a New Journal

Notebooks 3

Notebook brands (from left to right): Markings by C.R. Gibson, Moleskine, and Bonnie Marcus & Co.

Sometimes choosing a new notebook (I only used the word “journal” in the title so no one would accidentally come here looking for laptop advice) takes a while. I weigh what I want: spiral back? Decorative cover, or something more subdued? Plain pages? Lined or unlined?

Other times, I know what I want as soon as I see it.

This is why I buy so many notebooks. I never know which one will be right for which moment. It’s also why I like to have things across a wide range of possibilities. Sometimes I need a paper adventure, something different from my usual style.

This past weekend, I was quite sick. (Crohn’s, in one of those occasional horrible flares.) Coming out of that, I might want to focus on work, or wrap myself up in something soothingly blank, but I don’t think that’s what I need. What I need is that verse on the leftmost journal. And maybe some other verses, too, but that’s a good place to start.

It’s not the notebook I had planned to use. I was all geared up for a ribbon bookmark. But when I saw that verse, something inside me said, “That one.”

Notebook PagesSo the new notebook begins, with a lace-filigree topped page. There are worse ways.